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Our extensive database of potential buyers and proven expertise in a broad mix of online and traditional marketing channels.

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Whether you are contemplating making your first acquisition or are a serial investor, we can find the right business for you. Search here:

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After everything you have put into your business, you have the right to expect the best possible price when the time comes to sell. We will work with you to uncover your company’s core value proposition and identify its key assets, which will be placed front and centre of our marketing. Blacks Corporate will deploy a formidable combination of resources and experience to achieve the deal you want and deserve.

“I really couldn’t be happier with the amazing ‘above and beyond’ service received. I would like to whole heartedly recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a business.”

B Sugarman

Why work with Blacks Corporate?

Blacks Corporate, and the Business Transfer Group to which it belongs, have completed the sale of thousands of businesses over many years, securing transactions that enable sellers and buyers alike to meet their goals. We know what it takes to guide sales to completion successfully and discreetly. Blacks Corporate will deliver for you.

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